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Dan Musa New Prince – GNB (Official Video) 2023

Download Dan Musa – GNB – Ganinki Nayi Bana Video 2023

Dan Musa Ya Saki Bidiyon Sabuwar Wakar Sa Mai Suna “G.N.B” Itama Wannan Waka Tana Daya Daga Wakokin Cikin Sabon Album Dinsa Mai Suna “Sisin Gold Ep (Full Album) 2023” Na Wannan Shekara Ta 2023.

Subsequent to the stint on the most anticipated almanac (album) dubbed Sisin Gold, New Prince is set to break the silence and set free the analects on this day. Hope u’ll be amused by this stick out!

The video stares Popular kannywood Actress Maryam Yahaya. Watch bidiyon below. Get the Audio HERE.

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