[VIDEO] Mohbad Body Exhumed and Autopsy Result: All you need to know

In a major development in the ongoing investigation into Nigerian singer Mohbad‘s death, his remains have been exhumed for an autopsy.

Earlier this week, Lagos State Police confirmed they secured a court order to have Mohbad’s body dug up for forensic examination.

This morning, the exhumation was carried out and Mohbad’s corpse transported to a hospital where pathologists will perform an official autopsy to determine cause of death.

The move comes after escalating suspicions of possible foul play in Mohbad’s sudden passing at age 27 last month. Police seek evidence to unravel the facts conclusively.

Exhuming a deceased’s body is rare yet police deemed it a necessary step amidst intense public pressure for justice in Mohbad’s shocking case.

While awaiting the autopsy results, Mohbad’s loved ones organized a candlelight tribute Thursday evening allowing fans to mourn together.

But authorities hope examining Mohbad’s remains will provide definitive answers to end speculation regarding his controversial death.

Police stated if the autopsy confirms Mohbad died unnaturally, they will prosecute those found responsible to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of status or connections.

For now, the investigation forges on, wherever the difficult path to truth may lead.

Watch Mohbad’s corpe Beeing dig for Autopsy below:

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